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Welcome to Eligibee.

The Public Benefits Screening Tool

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Food Assistance

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Cash Assistance

What We Do

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Raise Awareness

You shouldn’t need a lawyer to navigate the government benefit system. We provide a centralized, user-friendly database, making it easier to find the supports you need.

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Public Benefit Screening

Unsure where to start? Our free, nonprofit screening tool asks you seven simple questions, and then suggests government assistance programs you may be eligible for.

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Resource Connection

We connect you with accurate, up-to-date resources to learn more about public benefits, how to apply for them, and where to turn in your communities if you need help.

How Does It Work?

Eligibee takes the guesswork out of finding and applying for public benefits. Unsure what you qualify for? Not sure where to apply? Need a hand applying, understanding your rights, or appealing a denial?  We're here to help.


Eligibee asks you seven simple questions about where you live, your family, your disability status, and your income. We then compare your responses to the eligibility criteria for healthcare, food assistance, and cash assistance programs across all U.S. states and territories. We’ll suggest government programs that you may be eligible for and provide you with resources to learn more, apply, and find help if you need it. Our goal is to empower you with information, so that you can more easily access public benefits when you need them.

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